Forget everything you think you know about the classic fairy tales.

20+ authors have come together. Each with a fairytale to retell, reverse harem style.


Once Upon a Harem Release Schedule

5/22/18  Their Royal Ash by Lia Davis
6/12/18  Ruffled Feathers by Stephanie West
7/3/18  Girl in the Bearskin by CL Stone
7/24/18  While Beauty Sleeps by Ripley Proserpina
8/14/18  Ali’s Theives by NM Howell
10/16/18  Saving Bluebeard’s Bride by Jazz Michaels
11/27/18  Title TBA by RM Walker
1/8/19  Tink and the Lost Boys by Montana Ash
3/12/19  Crimson Hood by Nikki Bolvair
4/2/19  Title TBA by Margo Bond Collins
4/30/19  Title TBA by L.C. Hibbett
5/15/19  The Paradox of Boots by Cecilia Rendall